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“Thank you very much for all your efforts and education, Larry. You have a winning style that puts people at ease. Know we will recommend you to anyone who asks about a high-performing attorney."
- J.S. & S.P.
“It was empowering and wonderful to be able to hand over the medical power of attorney as part of the hospital registration procedure when I had surgery last week. They definitely treated my partner differently after that."
- D.H.
“We both wanted to thank you for your help in getting some of our life in order. It is as married as we can be at the moment in MD and it feels great."
- G.L. & P.M.
“It’s nice to know that there’s someone like you who’s on our side."
​- A.N. & D.M.
“Thanks again for your excellent attention to detail and professionalism. We will continue to send you new business as we encounter fellow GLBT [people] in need of your service! We're very psyched that we're legally official (as recognized by some states). We just got back from dinner to celebrate."
​- B.C. & S.M.
“We are very pleased with your thoroughness and the way you have safeguarded our interests - business and personal."
​- J.B. & C.G.
“Please accept my thanks for the kind and efficient way you handled the ins and outs of my will. It was a smart decision on my part to accept my daughter’s advice that you handle the delicate process."
- R.R.
“Thanks for making today easy and comfortable for both of us. It was time we had proper legal documents as I will soon be 66 and he is now 56. Thanks, and please tell Jean she is terrific."
​- T.L. & R.H.
“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help with the decisions we made and the help you provided in the preparation of our individual packages covering the health and Will aspects of our respective estates because of our relationship. I thought that it was a more daunting task than it really turned out to be. If we need any changes in the future, we will definitely be in touch."
​- L.N. & D.H.
“I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for your wise counsel and very professional services. And please also convey my thanks to your support staff who facilitated my phone calls to you."
- C.S.L.
“Just wanted to let you know [we] met with two people from my University yesterday, the Director of Gift Giving and the Associate Dean…. It was a good meeting and demonstration of outreach to gay alums. They commented on how good it was to receive a call from our attorney regarding this. I wanted to express my appreciation to you for your role in initiating this."
- M.S. & D.B.

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